Clash for Cash
Every Saturday!

$2,500.00 in CASH*
440,000 Riot Points
25 Triumphant Ryze
$10 Entry Fee

Free Tournaments
Sunday - Friday

100,000 Riot Points
25 Triumphant Ryze skins

Saturday's - Clash for Cash

registration closes in....

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About The Tournament

Victorious Gaming hosts sponsored tournaments that are open to all players of any skill level.
Hosted by gamers for gamers like you!


FREE TOURNAMENTS: Sunday - Friday | 7PM EST (Entry Fee: None)

CLASH FOR CASH TOURNAMENTS: Saturday | 7PM EST (Entry Fee: $10)


Solo Entry
Due to our automated matching system, you must enter as an individual player. You will be automatically matched with a team of similar skill level players.
5v5 Draft
Players will be sorted into brackets based on their skill level and will be placed on to team. All teams in the bracket are automagically balanced with as close to the same skill level as possible.
No Teams
Each person enters individually and is matched with team mates of their skill level in a bracket. No pre-made teams or players playing with friends.

WHERE: VG Teamspeak



Saturday Clash for Cash Tournament (3-5 Brackets):

  • Brackets:
    • $500 in cash per bracket:
      • 160 - 480 players - 3 Brackets
      • 481 - 640 players - 4 Brackets
      • 641 - 800 players - 5 Brackets

Free Daily Tournament (5 Brackets):

  • Each bracket contains 20% of the checked-in players based on MMR

Hearthstone Tournament (1 Brackets):

  • Each bracket contains 100% of the checked-in players

MMR = Match Making Rating

How To Join

NEW USERS: Register here

RULES: Please also read our tournament rules here

League of Legends Tournament Prizes

Clash for Cash Prizes

$2,500.00 IN CASH!*
Awarded by Victorious Gaming

440,000 Riot Points
25 Triumphant Ryze Skins
Prized by Riot Games

Prizes per winning team, for each bracket

First Place: $250.00 in Cash, 32,000 RP and 5 Triumphant Ryze Skins

Second Place: $125.00 in Cash and 24,000 RP

Third Place: $75.00 in Cash and 16,000 RP

Fourth Place: $50 in Cash and 8,000 RP

Fifth to Eighth Place: 5,000 RP

Free Tournament
Sunday - Friday

100,000 Riot Points


25 Triumphant Ryze Skins
Prized by Riot Games

Prizes per winning team, for each bracket

First Place: 8,000 RP and 5 Triumphant Ryze Skins

Second Place: 6,000 RP

Third Place: 4,000 RP

Fourth Place: 2,000 RP

Fifth - Eighth: 20 Win IP Boost


Watch the Tournament Live!

If you can't join the tournament, support your team and summoners
by watching the live stream, and cheer them on!



If you need more detail, or more help - Contact Us Here

  • Sunday - Friday tournaments are free
  • Saturday has a $10 entry fee for the "Clash for Cash" tournament, which can be paid via Paypal.
  • Daily Hearthstone Tournaments are free

  • We have free tournaments on Sunday - Friday with 100,000 RP and 25 Triumphant Ryze skins up for grabs.

  • Free tournaments are available on Sunday through Friday each week. Tournament closes at 7:00pm Eastern so make sure you show up before then.

  • Cash prizes are paid by Victorious Gaming via Paypal within two weeks of the tournament. RP and Triumphant Ryze skin will be provided by Riot Games within 3 weeks of the tournament. If you are missing any prizes from the tournament after the above dates, please use this form to contact us.

  • The following states ARE NOT ELIGIBLE to win cash prizes due to state laws:
    • Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont.
  • Players in these states MAY STILL WIN Riot Point and Skin prizes.
    • The entry fee for these states has been reduced to $5.00 or 5 VG Credits.



  • No, the Victorious Gaming tournaments are solo entry tournaments. We will determine your skill level by looking at your data on the Riot servers and automagically place you into a tournament with players of a similar skill level.

  • Sorry, the only way to fairly match players of equal skill levels is to not allow friends or teams to play together. The good news is you get to meet for new players at each tournament who might become your next pre-made team.

A Ringer is a substitute player who replaces a someone who:

  • Leaves the tournament prior to the final round
  • Disconnects for more than 5 minutes.
  • Is removed from the tournament by the staff.

Saturday Tournaments

There will be two levels of Ringers available for purchase in the Saturday tournaments.

Priority Ringer ($10 Entry Fee):

  • Players can purchase Priority Ringer up to one hour after the tournament starts, by paying the full entry fee of $10. You will be eligible for all RP prizes and up to $15 in cash prizes, if you are chosen to replace a player. This fee is refundable to VGCredits if you are not chosen to play.
  • Players who have paid an entry fee prior to the start of the tournament, but were not placed on a team when the tournament began, due to being late or disconnected from Teamspeak, will be given Priority Ringer status at no additional charge.

Standard Ringer ($5 Entry Fee):

  • Players who did not register before the tournament registration locked at 6:30PM EST. If you wish to be a ringer, you may pay a $5 entry fee and will be eligible to win any RP prize, but are not eligible to win cash prizes.

Sunday - Friday Tournaments

Priority Ringer (Free):

  • Players were not placed on a team due to an error by our tournament tool or staff, this is quite rare.

Standard Ringer (Free):

  • Players who did not register before the tournament registration locked at 7:05PM EST or were not connected to Teamspeak when the tournament sorting started. If you wish to be a ringer, you may enter the "Join HERE to become a ringer" Lobbby at the bottom of Teamspeak

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Tournament Entry Fee
(Non Refundable)

  • Tournament Entry
  • Grants you Priority Ringer (If Late)
  • Non Refundable


Priority Ringer

  • Grants Priority Ringer Status
  • Picked first to be a ringer,
  • if you are within 2 divisions of the missing player
  • 100% refundable if not chosen during tournament
  • Only available 1 hour after start of the tournament


Friday - Sunday
Free Tournament
Entry and Ringer

  • No fee to enter!
  • Enough said! Come play now!

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