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VG Presents: The Voice Of Vi

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Today, VG’s Amanda Sternklar (a.k.a. VG Eirinna) got to sit down with the one and only Cia Court, also known as the voice of League of Legends character Vi! Ms….

Heimerstein’s Monster By: VG Eirinna

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Last week, we had Rumble and Heimerdinger on sale as our resident mad scientists.This week, we have the products of their work on display. Battle Bunny Rivenis on the list,…

League Of Legends Champions And Skins Sale! On Wednesdays, We Wear Purple By: VG Eirinna

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Greetings, Summoners! It’s another beautiful week on the Fields of Justice, and it seems that this week’s theme is…color coordination. Kennen and Malzahar have been working together for a while…

8 Bit Charity Tournament Information

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8-Bit Salute Charity for Operation Supply Drop, in collaboration with Victorious Gaming, Trick2g, and Team2g If you would like to donate and participate in this tournament I have included the…

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